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Core Laboratories at Tuskegee University

This is a summary list of all core laboratories at Tuskegee University . The list includes links to more detailed information, which may also be found using the eagle-i search app.

Center for Biomedical Research - Shared Instrumentation Core


This Core Facility enhances multidisciplinary research infrastructure for Tuskegee University (TU) by providing the resources, services and technical support required to not only stay on the cutting-edge of biomedical research but also forge new paths. This primary goal is achieved by providing instrumentation and personnel in two Cores. Core One addresses the need for lab instrumentation and Core Two provides resources in the areas of bioinformatics, computational biology and information technology.

Center for Biomedical Research- Digital Imaging


CBR/RCMI provides digital imaging facilities at three locations on the TU campus. The locations are Williams-Bowie Hall, The Carver Research Foundation, and the TU Animal Facility. The equipment within the facilities allows for numerous microscopy techniques, including the use of fluorescence, bright field, dark field, confocal, wide-field and long-term viewing of living cells. Additionally, an in vivo imager is available for non-invasive rodent studies.

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics - Biomedical Information Management Services


Biomedical Information Management Systems (BIMS) provide services and training in computational biology, bioinformatics, experimental design and statistical analysis to the RCMI researchers and the biomedical research community at TU.

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